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Puteri Harbour, the southernmost marina and waterside development on mainland Asia, is snuggled at the narrow-most point along the Straits of Johor separating Singapore from the Asia continent.

Imagine a leading waterfront and marina precinct including waterfront houses with access to the open sea, ritzy commercial advancements, an eclectic mix of restaurants and stylish enjoyment outlets, and a promenade ignoring marinas and the Straits of Johor, all accessible by means of land and water transportation.

Discover inspiration, discover romance

This distinguished waterside address enjoys the distinction of being the Jewel of Nusajaya – South East Asia’s foremost and largest integrated city advancement covering 24,000 acres. Sitting on 688 acres of prime waterside land, this interesting and spectacular waterfront development charts a brand-new attitude to luxury living that will motivate and move you.

The Marina

Puteri Harbour is house to the southernmost marina on the mainland of continent Asia, making it a must check out location on the world cruising map. Located along the narrow-most point between Singapore and Johor, called the Puteri Narrows, Malaysia – lies the impressive Marinas at Public Harbour

LATITUDE 1º25’N; Longitude 103º39.5’E

Discover Puteri Harbour

Coming to Puteri Harbour is like walking into another area, another lifestyle, another world. This new mindset to luxury has a freer spirit, a sense of adventure tempered with an appreciation of the finer some things in life. This spirit appears in Puteri Harbour, from the architecture to the landscaping – Puteri Harbour lives and breathes a brand-new mindset to luxury.

The Puteri Harbour Residential and Commercial precincts are designed to catch the best out of a waterside place, setting and living experience. Distinctiveness weave through the whole environment of Puteri Harbour from the architecture of commanding commercial towers, delightful apartments with stunning vistas, stretching waterfront villas and diverse harbor view retail outlets to sculpted yards, visual road furnishings, signature bridges and gorgeous walkways– design is knit in Puteri Harbour’s means of life.

Puteri Harbour Garden

Fastidiously designed Lovingly tendered

Every Puteri Harbour yard is meticulously made and crafted. The themed yards along the Promenade, such as the Water Garden, Spice Garden, Medicinal Garden, Epiphyte Garden and Scent Garden, are specifically made and landscaped to bring about a certain experience.

Specifying experiences Signature bridges

The 2 signature bridges of Puteri Harbour are cosmetically impressive and beautifully useful. The ‘Operable’ Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that slides on to itself allowing taller luxury yachts to sail through into the general public Marina. The Tensegrity Pedestrian Bridge is a masterpiece that signs up with the Crescent pathways along the western shore of the Puteri Lagoon.

Puteri Harbour Promenade

Walk along the promenade and experience the numerous gardens and eclectic road furniture; delight in the side walk cafe’s as you remain connected online or immerse yourself in a great book; lose track of time in a gratifying session of shopping at the branded outlets along the promenade and in the waterfront stores. Be invigorated by the vistas of rolling clouds as watercrafts and private yachts sail into the marina. Tickle your taste buds with the superb range of international cuisine, fusion specials and neighborhood fare before you struck the lively night entertainment scene by the lagoons. Lighting up the evening

Puteri Harbour Promenade

Night time brings a brand-new experience to the Promenade as the Harbour takes on a various persona. Puteri Harbour at night is an experience that calls out to the merry makers in all of us.

For a slower, picturesque rate, savor the splendid fine dining, share conversations at the open yet intimate areas of the many themed dining establishments or take a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge – as stunning as it is therapeutic.

Let the illumination from the Promenade unwind you as it forms an ever before changing canvas of dancing lights reviewed the calm water’s surface area, alleviating away the frenetic pace of the day. For those in love, it is the ideal charming setting to lose yourselves in the moment.

Laughter and smiles come easy at Puteri Harbour.

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Puteri Harbour Nusajaya
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