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The Iskandar Malaysia is established to come to be Southern Peninsular Malaysia’s most developed area, where living, entertainment, environment and business seamlessly converge within a dynamic and lively cities.

Located at the most southern pointer of Peninsular Malaysia, Iskandar Malaysia (within the Johor state) is strategically placed on the globe’s busiest delivery routes, and its abundant endowment of natural and personnels has both underpinned Johor’s past excellences and emphasizes Johor’s future possibility.

Johor’s relative abundance has actually been secured by a celebrated evolution of undisturbed and mutually strengthening combination of political security and continuity, a dynamic and deeply revered Sultanate, and social and cultural cohesion amongst its multi-ethnic populace that has actually been a continuous resource of strength, development and revival.

Malaysia’s optimal national connection infrastructure enables effortless access to the residential economic climate, opportunities and sources within the nation. Being at the heart of the Asia area and at the cross-roads of the East-West field routes creates financially rewarding opportunities from expanding economies such as Indonesia, China and India. Along with its closeness to a worldwide hub and the large economy of Singapore, and having 2 road links and train links provides smooth ease of access to its market. And Iskandar Malaysia’s international scope is assisted by a global airport and 2 world-class harbors.

Covering a location of 2,217 square kilometres, around three times the size of Singapore, Iskandar Malaysia provides substantial supply of land which is priced competitively. The area has all set infrastructure such as electric energies, transport networks and services, and wide based telecoms.

The economy is well branched out with successful clusters arising around the electronics, coordinations, food and farming, tourism and oil and petrochemical industries. Iskandar Malaysia is occupied with a multi-lingual (including English) and educated labor force, offering skillful people varying from the solutions, technological to the professional sectors. Investors and company operators venturing into Iskandar Malaysia are able to take conveniences of the competitive price structures of doing company here.

Being a project of Malaysian Federal Government, together with the Johor State Government, Iskandar Malaysia’s vision to be a solid and lasting metropolis of global status has the continuous dedication, support and sponsorship of the Governments of this nation and condition.

Fact about Iskandar Malaysia

  • Land Area covers a land size of 2,217, 3 times the size of Singapore and 48 times size of Putrajaya.
  • Iskandar Malaysia is estimated to have 1.3 million people or 43% of Johor’s population of 3.17 million.
  • Total Iskandar Malaysia GDP is about USD 20 billion in 2005, 60% of Johor’s total GDP of USD 33.4 billion. Current per capita GDP for Iskandar Malaysia is about USD 14,790 which is higher than the Johor per capita GDP of USD 10,757 but half of Singapore’s (about USD 30,000).
  • Services and Manufacturing sectors are the two main pillars of Iskandar Malaysia’s economy, but Services dominate by contributing about USD 10 billion in Iskandar Malaysia.
  • Within the Services sector, Wholesale and Retail trade contributes 42.2%, Tourism and Hospitality (16.8%), Professional and Business (14.6%), Transport and Related (12.7%), Medical and Educational (6.7%), Financial (6.6%).

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What Is Iskandar Malaysia
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Iskandar Malaysia

Iskandar Malaysia is the brand-new southern development passage in Johor that has actually been recognized as one of the catalyst advancements to stimulate the development of the Malaysian economic climate. Read More..