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Kota Iskandar, the Johor state administrative center and Malaysia’s famous location, established on the Islamic design philosophy that harmonises humankind with the State’s history, heritage, culture and nature.

Beyond that, it represents lots of aspects of Johor: the heart of its politics, a storybook of its heritage, a prospering traveler hub, and the pride of its individuals. After all, it is Johor’s living heritage, cherished by all.

Kota Iskandar (Johor state new management center) is a 320-acre incorporated advancement making up Johor State and Federal Government workplaces, set amidst landscaped yards and parks. Kota Iskandar’s milieu of state and federal government complexes within one location will contribute to help with the government machines’s effectiveness befitting the status of a modern-day and modern administration. With enhanced centers, connectivity and efficiency, the public sector administration will provide superior support to existing company within Nusajaya and to attracting business that have higher favorable influence on the economy and quality of life.

The parts that will establish Kota Iskandar as the seat of Johor’s government are the Johor State Assembly, Chief Minister & State Secretary Complex, Dataran Mahkota Plaza and the State Government Departments Complex that will be completed during Phase 1. The advancement of the Federal Government Department Complex is arranged for conclusion throughout Phase 3.

For Johoreans

By combining government features in an open environment, government machines becomes more efficient to its personnel and more easily accessible to the public.

For investors

With complete support from the Johor government, Kota Iskandar is a sanctuary for both local and international investors doing company in Johor.

For vacationers

Kota Iskandar guarantees a myriad of experiences for the visitor– with intriguing sights, charming residents, interesting tasks, and the spirit of the destination to be felt.

The Masterplan

At Kota Iskandar, it’s everything about the details. The seamless merging of thoughtful planning, Islamic design philosophies and regional natural heritage has actually culminated in an one-of-a-kind location that guarantees every element has its location.

The extremely “foundation” of Kota Iskandar is straightened with the Qiblat axis that indicate Mecca, and guides the place of the bordering areas. A most fascinating use of topography sees all the prominent areas strategically put, from the Mosque at the highest peak, to the Bangunan Sultan Ismail which houses the state parliament, to Dataran Mahkota in the central area of Kota Iskandar, to the Bangunan Dato’ Jaafar Muhammad.

Getting there is a breeze with a well-planned ease of access and transport system for land and sea trip. There is also a reliable roadway system, making up main thoroughfares and pedestrian-friendly roads.

Thanks to a sprawling campus-like environment, scenic sights can be seen from basically anywhere in Kota Iskandar. With people-friendly facilities, it’s easy to catch awesome views of the coastline whilst enjoying a leisurely walk from one attraction to another. Lush landscapes and water features embellish these open spaces to mirror the concept of yards as an earthly paradise and offer a cool oasis from the warm sunshine.

Whilst visitors unwind, the advanced mechanical and electrical infrastructure works quietly and effectively. These include several cutting-edge firsts in Malaysia, specifically the first completely integrated solid waste collection and disposal system, the first non-intrusive safety plan with a direct link to the police, and the first area cooling system outside higher Kuala Lumpur.

Architecture & Interior Design

From neighborhood architecture to designs inspired by lands afar, the outcome is a fusion of style unlike other.


Influenced by the Alhambra palace in Granada, several structures successfully blend the Moorish influences with neighborhood Johor-Malay elements. Buildings in the Central Precinct carry this distinct design. A best instance is the Bangunan Sultan Ismail, house to the Johor parliament, and Bangunan Dato’ Jaafar Muhammad.


Influenced by the Bugis, Javanese, Dutch, British and indigenous groups, neighborhood Johor-Malay architecture is managed with modern finesse, resulting in fresh takes on standard neighborhood residences, such as the rumah bumbung panjang and rumah bumbung Limas. Experience this unique combination in the Northern and Southern Precincts, such as in the State Department Complexes. The dark, pitched roofings and angled brackets of this edgy look are tough to miss.

Local Influences

Look closely and you’ll see that many design aspects draw inspiration from icons that represent the financial wide range of Johor. Some interiors feature Moorish patterns interwoven with motifs of the native pineapple, whilst day-to-day objects like a park bench includes a pattern of local spices, such as the lada hitam or black pepper. Even an unassuming streetlight takes the kind of a dancer carrying out the standard Johorean zapin or kuda kepang.

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Kota Iskandar
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Iskandar Malaysia

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